Khrystyna’ Limited Liability Company

Located in Berezhany (approximately 90km from Lviv) the company ‘Khrystyna’ produces corrugated cardboard and products made from corrugated paper cardboard and from wastepaper.  The company recently purchased a new paper lamination machine with printing and cutting capability. The project was verified in March 2021.

With the onset of the COVID pandemic in early 2020, the company immediately introduced all sanitary measures to protect its 55 employees and organised the production processes in a way to minimize physical contacts between employees. Even though the company did not suffer any direct negative impact of COVID-19 on its business activities, structural problems in the sector, which seriously affected the paper industry at a global level, were also felt by Khrystyna LLC. Due to the quarantines and lockdowns introduced in Ukraine and other European countries, wastepaper collection was disrupted and the price for wastepaper tripled. The shortages in wastepaper supply practically led to a collapse of the domestic wastepaper supply market. With the new machine, which was financed through a EU4Business-EBRD Credit Line loan and the 10% grant received after the successful verification of the project, the company has been able to focus its production on corrugated cardboard until the situation of the recyclable materials market returns to normal. The project was financed by Bank Lviv.

Loan Amount

€ 13,237

Grant Amount

€ 1,324

Invested in:

Lamination Machine

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